Zoppini History
In 1997, the Zoppini brothers founded Zoppini, a company held by a young and dynamic, creative and flexible management. With time Mauro Zoppini, President and sales director, led the company to dominate the most important markets.
Manuel Zoppini dealt with the production side of the company instead, aiming at strengthening “Made in Italy” design in Gold Smith’s tradition. The market success initially passed through two different brands, both characterized by a special attention to technical research and by a desire to satisfy the latest fashion trends. Zoppini targeted a more mature public with an elegant and contemporary taste, whereas Zable addressed mostly those people who love wearing colorful and funny jewels.
In 2005, as the company went through a restyling and two more brands were added to its Portfolio, the MPF group( Metalli Presiozi Firenze) was founded. The two new brands addressed two different types of public. Manuel.Zed was especially meant for resolute and groovy youth, whereas Makuti was addressed to those people who look for high-range lines. Steel met gold, diamonds, ebony, mother-of-pearl, and other precious materials. Mirco Zoppini, designer of this last brand joined the new management. The company mission mirrored the values that Mauro, Manuel and Mirco share: a competitive attitude based on fair play and transparency, competence and high sensitivity.

The new management also brought about a renewed business philosophy – in order to consolidate the positioning of the company in the industry they needed to get bigger and distribute their 4 brands to different targets. The new strategy made the company more appealing and provided customers with more complete and innovative collections, each expressing fashion from a different perspective, but all sharing the same gentle, practical, and easy to wear distinctive style. A search for new materials and cutting edge manufacturing techniques was a fundamental element, and still today continues to distinguish the company’s jewels.

    “ And now in 2009 zoppini is introduced in Saudi Arabia through 4 accessories limited”