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Zoppini Magazine brings you the latest update from all around the world. Covers news about the latest on the Zoppini Stores opening at various locations, along with the celebrities taking part in the events, charity works, product reviews, and the latest gossip on the Zoppini Brand right from the celebrities.


Over the years Zoppini has always dared to sponsor unexpected sport events and personalities, everything from the world of engines to international football! The initiative of this jewellery brand has been developing since its very first creative choices, by means of innovative materials, high technological design and the always elegant avant-garde style.  Ergo, Zoppini has been able to successfully sponsor the challenges of many world champions.

Call them the charms for the stars. No matter how the Zoppini brand is described, one thing is certain: Their frequent appearances in the spotlight make them a boutique item with a true claim to fame. The company's aggressive marketing campaign has resulted in making their way backstage at a 2003 Kids Choice Awards celebrity gift retreat, into the VIP suite at the Sundance Film Festival and into gift baskets at the 2002 MTV Video Music Awards.
Zoppini has made a name for itself as the largest modular charm company in the U.S.