About US

Zoppini" Brands are now available in Saudi Arabia starting from Jeddah through "4 Accessories Ltd.". The "Zoppini store" concept is well presented in "Red Sea Mall" & other outlets are also available in "Aziz Mall" & "Mall of Arabia". Our plan is to extend our presence soon to other areas within the country in order to cover all the major cities in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

The right intuition of the homonymy between the brand and the collection: Zoppini is closely connected to the famous charm bracelet in s. steel and gold, and "Feeling" remains as its logo.

"Darling where has my Zoppini in steel and carbon got to?"

Where it is possible to find nowadays valid reference examples like symbols, images and accessories for a very close couple, that certainly deserves more consideration? We would like to present the brand that can be identified with those high traditional values in line with the Zoppini philosophy, though renewed by a strong experimental spirit.

In the invaluable combination of the s. steel & modern materials, the Zoppini brand express its stable, coherent & modern living.

The new collections aim at mature characters, who are attracted by design, very easy to wear jewellery, rich in high class technical details. From thought to action also means to us from dream to reality: like entering a young bride's dream and fulfilling it with Zoppini-branded jewellery , just for her. Never-ending elegant creations promise her style and originally for an unforgettable experience.

Accuracy to details, combination of the most various materials, simplicity and sophistication at the same time for the most fashion leading brand.

The target of the most fashionable line are male/female age 25/40.